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ERP support is often a source of frustration for customers. You’ve probably been in stressful situations such as when a monthly report isn’t running properly or your BOM pricing isn’t using the latest landed costs and you need your partner to help you now

But the definition of support is usually short on specifics, particularly as to what constitutes training – your report isn’t running right because you didn’t set it up properly or your BOM does not compute because you didn’t run the costing update correctly, so therefore you need more training which isn’t covered by support.

Our Full Support Plan covers everything, no questions asked. Need a custom report? It’s included. Your new A/R specialist needs some training? Included too. That’s because our Full Support Plan gives you a set number of hours at a blended rate that you can use for anything. That means whether you need help from one of our business analysts or from our CEO who has a PhD in Computer Engineering, we’re all available at the same blended rate.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase bulk hours at a discounted blended rate. They’re drawn down as you use them with no set expiry date. On the anniversary date, they can be trued up at the applicable discounted rate. For our average customer in the $20 – 50M revenue range, 250 hours is what they typically use in a year.

Say you purchase 250 bulk hours at the discounted blended rate of $195/hour on January 1 and over the next year you only use 200 hours. At the anniversary date you can true up back to 250 hours at the same blended rate or continue drawing down your hours until reach 0 and then decide if you need more bulk hours. Use more than 250 hours in a year? Then you have the choice re-purchasing more bulk hours at a discounted blended rate or opting into our On Demand Plan.

Our Full Support Plan gives you the peace of mind of having all your ERP support needs fully covered at a set amount every year. Choose from the following bulk hour blended rates:

·       250 hours at a prepaid blended rate of $195/hour or $48,750

·       500 hours at a prepaid blended rate of $185/hour or $92,500

·       1,000 hours at a prepaid blended rate of $175/hour or $175,000

·       1,500 hours at a prepaid blended rate of $170/hour or $255,000

·       2,000 hours at a prepaid blended rate of $165/hour or $330,000

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