ERP Solutions for the Snack Industry

At FoodCloudPlus, we’re attuned to the unique needs of snack industry companies, which include handling diverse ingredients, maintaining high product standards, and meeting rigorous food safety guidelines. Our bespoke apps, developed with deep sector expertise, aim to enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, and elevate customer satisfaction. Our ERP solutions are specifically tailored for the snack industry, offering more than the typical ERP system to meet its specific requirements and challenges.

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Recall and Quarantine Management

Streamlining Product Recalls: Advanced ERP Recall and Quarantine Management

In the Snack Industry, navigating food safety and compliance is critical. Our ERP solutions address this by offering robust item recall and quarantine capabilities. The Item Recalls app enables efficient management of recalls, both simulated and real, ensuring adherence to safety standards and regulatory compliance. It leverages Business Central’s inventory logging to trace products throughout the supply chain. Paired with the Inventory Restriction app, it allows quick isolation and restriction of affected items, preventing further distribution and safeguarding consumer trust while demonstrating a bakery’s commitment to quality control.

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Quality Management

Maintaining Quality and Freshness: Advanced ERP Solutions for the Snack Industry

Understanding the critical role of product freshness in the Snack Industry, FoodCloudPlus offers both the Inventory Shelf Life and Inventory Freshness apps. The Inventory Shelf Life app ensures products are within their shelf life during picking and shipping, crucial for quality control. The Freshness app complements this by optimizing inventory rotation based on ‘First Expired, First Out’ principles. This duo of apps helps bakeries maintain product quality, reduce waste, and comply with industry standards, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for efficient workflow and proactive expiration management.

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Traceability and Warehouse Management

Optimizing Operations: Advanced ERP Traceability and Warehouse Management

Companies in the Snack industry need ERP software with robust traceability and efficient warehouse management. Traceability ensures accurate tracking of ingredients and products for quality and compliance. Warehouse management aids in organizing inventory and streamlining order fulfillment. FoodCloudPlus’s suite of Apps enhances these functions. The Warehouse License Plating app manages package integrity and logistics. Lot Algorithms facilitate item tracking in transactions. Mobile Data Collection simplifies warehouse operations with handheld solutions for accurate item and bin location, enhancing shipping, receiving, and production order management.

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