Customer Story

Freshstone Brands: A Journey of Transformation with FoodCloudPlus

I feel FoodCouldPlus understands our needs better than a massive consulting company. They really helped us gain efficiency through automation.

Carla Pickard

Director, IT, FreshStone Brands

When Freshstone Brands, a leading producer of prepared meals, faced the challenge of integrating multiple ERP systems from its amalgamated businesses, they turned to FoodCloudPlus. With over decades of combined experience in the Food and Beverage ERP space, FoodCloudPlus was uniquely positioned to understand and address their unique challenges.

Carla Packard, Director of IT at Freshstone Brands, recalls her first interaction with Hasen from FoodCloudPlus. Introduced through a reference, their conversation immediately clicked. “Hasen understood exactly what my challenges were,” Carla recalls.

“He offered his help, and honestly, he and his team have been instrumental in our progression.”

Understanding the Depth of Challenges

Freshstone’s primary challenge was not just about technology. It was about aligning business processes with system functionality, ensuring that the system supported the company’s forward momentum. FoodCloudPlus stood out in this respect.

“They excel at helping us work through our business processes, marrying that up to the system functionality”

Customization at its Best

One of the standout features of FoodCloudPlus is their team of developers. They don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they dive deep into the unique needs of a business and tailor the system accordingly.

“Whenever we needed customization to make the system work the way we envisioned, FoodCloudPlus was there”

A Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Carla has always preferred companies similar in size to Freshstone Brands. “I feel they understand our needs better than a massive consulting company,” she explains. FoodCloudPlus, with its core values of honesty, responsiveness, and a strong customer focus, fit the bill perfectly. Their commitment to improving processes, enhancing efficiency, and introducing automation has been invaluable.

A lot was being done manually outside of systems. FoodCloudPlus helped us gain efficiency through automation

Beyond Basic ERP

FoodCloudPlus’s services extend beyond just basic ERP. They’ve been instrumental in helping Freshstone Brands with integration, automation, and business process improvements.

“They’ve been working with us on our business processes, ensuring that it works with the system and not against it,” Carla adds.

The Power BI Transformation

One of the significant milestones in their collaboration was the implementation of a Power BI sales dashboard. “It’s been a godsend,” Carla exclaims. This dashboard alone saved multiple hours of manual labor each month, streamlining the process of converging different reports into one cohesive report. With plans for a financial dashboard and operations dashboard in the pipeline, the journey of transformation continues.

With FoodCloudPlus, Freshstone Brands found more than just a service provider. They found a partner who understands their vision, challenges, and aspirations. The journey, filled with learning curves, challenges, and milestones, stands as a testament to what businesses can achieve with the right partner by their side.

About FoodCloudPlus Services

We leverage the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform and add food-specific functionality through our BC Apps that addresses compliance, food safety, quality, recalls, recipe management, batch processing, staging and spice room management.

I feel FoodCouldPlus understands our needs better than a massive consulting company. They really helped us gain efficiency through automation.

Carla Pickard

Director IT, FreshStone Brands