Warehouse License Plating

Introducing Warehouse License Plating, the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central app specifically designed for companies in the food and beverage  industry. Our app is tailored to address the unique inventory management challenges faced by food manufacturers and distributors when bundling multiple materials into containers, pallets, boxes, packages, totes, carts, and more.

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Streamline Inventory Management with Warehouse License Plating

With Warehouse License Plating, users can easily manage package integrity, package content, and package labeling, ensuring that every package exists in a single location and bin. Our app seamlessly integrates with Business Central features, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances inventory management processes.

Warehouse License Plating allows you to move packages as an independent logistic unit and transfer packages between locations and bins, load and unload materials from packages, print package labels, while keeping record of all package content through warehouse processes.

Effortless Inventory Control

With features that manage package integrity, content, and labeling, our app simplifies inventory control, making it effortless.

Comprehensive Support

We provide comprehensive support, including chatbot, phone, and email support, along with a detailed help center and user guide.

Business Central Integration

Warehouse License Plating seamlessly integrates with Business Central, enabling food and beverage processing businesses to manage package movement, labeling, and content with ease.

Optimize Inventory Management, With Warehouse License Plating


Streamlined Management

WLP streamlines inventory management for food and beverage processing businesses with easy-to-use features that manage package integrity, content, labeling, and numbering

Comprehensive Solution

Warehouse License Plating is designed to provide comprehensive control over the inventory management process, with transparent pricing and comprehensive support available to businesses of all sizes.

Business Central Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses that need to manage multiple materials in inventory units.

User-Friendly Features

Our user-friendly app provides easy-to-use features that enable food and beverage processing businesses to manage package movement, labeling, and content with minimal effort.

Effortless Control

With Warehouse License Plating, users can move, transfer, load, unload, and pick items from packages with ease, streamlining inventory management processes for maximum efficiency.

Smart Optimization

Warehouse License Plating is the smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their inventory management process. With its streamlined features and seamless integration with Business Central, it provides a simple yet effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

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