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Attract new customers, reward loyalty, and boost your sales with the Sales Offers app, a strategic addition to our suite of apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, specifically designed for the food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale industry.

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Boost Your Sales Strategy

The Sales Rebate module of the Sales Offer app by FoodCloudPlus empowers users to implement effective marketing strategies to attract and retain customers through special discounts. This module allows for efficient management and processing of rebate initiatives directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Rebate Processing

Efficiently process sales rebates within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment, ensuring accurate and timely discounts for your customers.

Multiple Rebate Types

Choose from several rebate types like Standard and Off-Invoice, providing flexibility in how you reward your customers.

Accrued Rebate Entries

Accrue rebate entries for greater financial reporting flexibility, providing a clear and accurate picture of your financial commitments.



Maximize Your Sales Potential with Our App’s Features


Customizable Rebate Programs

Create and tailor rebate programs to suit various marketing strategies, customizing them based on combinations of items and customer groups.

Direct Rebate Application

Apply rebates directly through Sales Orders and Sales Credit Memos, streamlining the rebate process.

Manual Rebate Application to Customers

Manually apply partial or full rebates to customers after confirming calculations, ensuring precise customer management.

Comprehensive Rebate History

Track and view detailed rebate histories, providing a clear and accurate picture of financial commitments. This information is accessible in multiple locations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Flexible Rebate Calculation Methods

Set rebates using calculation methods that align with your program, whether based on a percentage of sales or a per-unit basis.

Rebate Posting to G/L

Manually post rebates to the General Ledger, maintaining control over financial reporting.


Tiered System Definitions

Customize rebate calculations with tiered systems, adding depth and flexibility to your rebate strategies.

Rebate Reversal Capability

Reverse rebates efficiently when products are returned, maintaining financial accuracy.

Rebate Journals

Utilize rebate journals for manual posting of rebates, offering additional flexibility in financial management.

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