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The Sales Commissions App by FoodCloudPlus revolutionizes the way companies in the Food and Beverage industry manage their sales commission processes. Integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this app offers an automated, transparent, and flexible solution for commission management. It enables the creation of customized commission structures, enhances transparency in compensation, and provides robust reporting tools for insightful analysis, thereby driving sales growth and motivating sales professionals.

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Empower Your Sales Team with Precision and Clarity

The Sales Commissions App is not just a tool; it’s a transformational strategy for your sales force. By automating and streamlining commission calculations, it minimizes administrative burdens and maximizes efficiency. This clarity and efficiency in commission management lead to heightened motivation among sales representatives, driving them to achieve and exceed sales targets.

Flexible Commission Calculation

Implement commission calculations based on a percentage of sales, profit, or per unit of measure, including tiered systems for nuanced incentive strategies.

Customizable Commission Programs

Tailor commission structures to fit various sales strategies, allowing customization based on items, customers, and agents.

Comprehensive Commission Tracking

Maintain a detailed history of commission transactions, providing transparency and accuracy in financial reporting and agent compensation.



Streamline Your Commission Processes for Optimal Efficiency


Direct Application to Sales Documents

Calculate commissions efficiently through Sales Orders and Sales Credit Memos.

Agent Commission Posting

Manually post commissions to agents, ensuring accurate and timely compensation.

Detailed Commission History

Access in-depth information on commission calculations, payments due to agents, and more for accurate financial oversight.

Commission Journals

Utilize commission journals for manual entries, offering flexibility in managing sales document commissions.


Commission Reversal Capability

Easily reverse commissions in cases of product returns, maintaining financial integrity.

Tiered System Customization

Define tiered commission structures for more dynamic and motivating sales incentives.

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