Production Batching

FoodCloudPlus brings you a comprehensive solution to manage production orders in smaller, more manageable batches, ensuring higher quality, traceability, inventory management, and capacity utilization.

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Upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central experience with Production Batching

Production Batching is tailored for manufacturers in the food industry, who often require multiple production batches for improved operations. Our app allows you to easily split production order quantities into smaller groups with the same BOM and routing, while providing various formula methods to calculate production batch sizes according to your needs.

Batch Optimization

Maximize efficiency with Production Batching, transforming your manufacturing process through easy-to-manage production orders.

Formula Flexibility

Experience the power of adaptable production batch formulas, optimizing your food manufacturing operations for improved capacity utilization.

Enhanced Traceability

Achieve superior traceability, quality, and inventory management with customized production batch calculations tailored to your needs.

Upgrade your Business Central system with  Production Batching app and streamline your food and beverage manufacturing processes

Customizable Batch Numbering Formats

Choose between numeric or alphabetic formats to suit your batch numbering preferences.

Calculate Production Batches for Production Order Lines

Efficiently calculate production batches for each production order line and assign batch numbers based on your chosen numbering format.

Variety of Production Batch Calculation Codes

Select from five generic batch size calculation methods, customize parameters, and generate a tailored calculation method for any situation.

View Production Order Line Batches

Access detailed information on each production order batch with an easy-to-view list.

Assign Calculation Codes to Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

Easily assign specific calculation methods to item/variant and location combinations.

Register Output per Production Batch

Post output of individual production batches to the ledger and view posting information through Production Batch Item Entries and Production Batch Capacity Entries.

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