Over Shipping

Default shipment functionalities limits customized over shipment which can lead to potential wastage and increased costs. Manage over shipping challenges with ease and improve your inventory management and cost reduction strategies with our Over-Shipping app, tightly woven into Business Central’s sales order and warehouse shipment functionalities.

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Over-Shipping Made Easy

Streamline Sales Orders and Shipping with Our App’s Key Features. Improve Inventory Management and Reduce Costs with Flexible Tolerance Settings, Default Tolerance Options, and Automatic Sales Order Finishing.

Flexible Tolerance Settings

Define various over-shipping tolerance percentages and allot them at item and customer levels for greater control and flexibility.

Default Tolerance Settings

Save time by defaulting over-shipping tolerance percentages for commonly shipped items.

Finish Orders Within Tolerance

Automatically finish sales orders within the defined over-shipping tolerance to avoid excess inventory and wastage.



Over-Shipping Made Easy: Optimize Your Inventory and Save Costs with Our Seamless App

Flexible Tolerance Allocation

Set over-shipping tolerance percentages at the item, customer, or combined level, allowing for greater customization and control.

Simplified Default Tolerance

Set default over-shipping tolerance percentages and simplify your order and shipment process while staying within the limits.


Seamlessly Integrated

Our app is integrated into sales order and warehouse shipment activities, providing a seamless over-shipping solution that saves time and reduces errors.


Enhanced Sales Order Finishing

Finish your sales orders within the over-shipping tolerance and avoid customer disputes or costly mistakes with our app’s enhanced finishing feature.

Efficient Inventory Management

Say goodbye to over-stocking and under-stocking issues and improve your inventory management with our app’s efficient over-shipping management.

Streamlined Partial Shipment

Easily handle partial shipments while ensuring that the total shipment falls within the over-shipping tolerance, streamlining the process and reducing errors.

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