Mobile Data Collection (MDC)

MDC is a Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning solution that simplifies inventory management. With advanced features like Direct Shipment and Receipt, Transfer Orders, and various Pick and Movement types, MDC helps enhance your inventory accuracy. The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is available in Canada and the United States in English.

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Streamline Your Inventory Management with MDC

Introducing MDC – the ultimate Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning solution that simplifies your warehouse operations with Bin Content, Locate Item, Move-Item, Inventory Count, Warehouse Receipt/Shipment, and Production Output functionalities.

With MDC RELEASE 2, we’ve taken it to the next level. Our updated interface and new features like Direct Shipment of a Sales Order, Direct Receipt from a Purchase Order, Transfer Orders (including Direct Transfers), Material Consumption, Output of Finished Good Items and various Pick and Movement types make it easier than ever to manage your shipping, receiving, and production orders.

Simplify your warehouse operations

MDC is the ultimate solution for Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning, streamlining your inventory management.

Improve your efficiency

With MDC RELEASE 2, you get Direct Shipment and Receipt, Transfer Orders, various Pick and Movement types, and enhanced security authentication using OAuth2.0.

Enhance accuracy

Define package tracking for all inventory transactions available in MDC, improving the accuracy of your inventory management

Maximize Efficiency and Control with MDC’s Advanced Warehouse and Production Features

Simplify Your Warehouse Operations

Discover how MDC’s simple and effective Mobile Data Collection and Barcode Scanning solution can help streamline your warehouse operations.

Enhance Your Order Fulfillment

Directly Ship or Receive products from Sales and Purchase Orders, or easily process Transfer Orders with MDC’s simple and effective features.

Revolutionize Your Production Management

Unlock the power of MDC’s advanced features for Production Output and Component Consumption, and take your production management to the next level.

Stay on Top of Your Warehouse Operations

MDC’s user-friendly dashboard provides a One-Page ‘Snapshot’ of all Warehouse activities, helping you keep track of your operations at a glance.

Optimize Your Inventory Control with MDC

MDC’s comprehensive Inventory Count and Movement features allow you to stay on top of your inventory, with accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips

Ensure Inventory accuracy

With MDC’s Label Printing feature, you can make sure you have details of you inventory labeled accurately.

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