Lot Algorithms

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app designed to streamline inventory tracking for food manufacturers and distributors. With a user-friendly page, you can create tailor-made lot numbers using a variety of information such as production date, expiration date, item number, and more.

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Efficient Inventory Management.

Our user-friendly app allows you to add a specific lot algorithm to an item through the item card page and assign it to inbound and outbound transactions seamlessly, with no changes required to the Business Central user interface. Furthermore, Lot Algorithm is integrated into Business Central, and once installed from AppSource, it looks and feels exactly like any other Business Central feature.

Custom Lot Algorithms

Create tailor-made lot algorithms by combining various data points such as production date, work date, item number, and source document number for full traceability.

Item-Level Lot Assignment

Assign specific lot algorithms to items via the item card page for greater control over inventory management.

Tightly Woven Integration

Seamlessly assign lot numbers to inbound/outbound transactions, warehouse activities, and journal transactions through the Item Tracking Lines page.



Lot Algorithms: Streamline Your Inventory Management and Gain Full Traceability with Our User-Friendly Business Central App

Efficient Lot Creation

Streamline your inventory management with our Lot Algorithms app, designed to create tailor-made lot numbers for full traceability.

Seamless Integration

Our app is tightly integrated into Business Central, allowing you to assign lot numbers to inbound/outbound transactions, warehouse activities, and journal transactions with ease.


Flexible Algorithm Design

Our app allows you to combine multiple data points to create custom lot algorithms that meet your unique business needs.

Greater Control

Our app gives you greater control over your inventory with the ability to define and assign specific lot algorithms to items, ensuring better traceability and management.

Item-Level Assignment

Assign specific lot algorithms to items for easier tracking and management of inventory.

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly app requires minimal developer support and can be up and running within minutes, even on basic implementations of Business Central.

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