Item Recalls

At FoodCloudPlus, we understand that traceability and recall compliance reporting is crucial for food manufacturers. That’s why we’ve developed Item Recalls, a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central app that simplifies the recall process and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

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The Ultimate Solution for Food Quality Teams

Item Recalls helps you to perform both mock and real recalls with ease, and the results are stored for audit purposes. The app utilizes the robust inventory transaction logging within Business Central, making it possible to track the entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods, in both directions.


With Item Recall, all recalled inventory movements and usage are tracked and traceable within the app, allowing for easy tracing of inventory for recall purposes.

Simulated Recalls

Item Recall offers the ability to perform mock recalls, allowing food manufacturers to practice recall procedures and maintain the results for audit purposes.

Inventory Restriction

Item Recall works together with the Inventory Restrictions app to quickly isolate and restrict associated inventory to prevent further usage or shipping of the recalled product.



Streamlining the traceability and recall process for food and beverage manufacturers

Traceability Made Easy

Streamline recall compliance reporting for food manufacturers with Recall, an advanced Business Central app that enables users to perform simulated and real recalls within a defined timeframe.

Isolate Recalled Products

Recall works seamlessly with the Inventory Restrictions app, allowing users to quickly isolate and restrict associated inventory to prevent further usage or shipping of recalled products.

Audit-Ready Records

Keep track of inventory and usage with Recall’s robust inventory transaction logging, ensuring that all trace results are stored for easy audit records.

Simulated and Real Recall Tracking

Track simulated and real recalls with ease using Recall’s user-friendly interface and powerful traceability capabilities.

Notification Letters Made Simple (Next Release)

Generate recall notification letters directly from Business Central with Recall’s ability to maintain detailed customer and vendor information.

Full Traceability Capabilities

Recalls’ trace capabilities go in both directions, from raw materials consumed in production up through the production processes to the finished good, or from the finished good down through the production processes to the raw materials.

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