Inventory Restrictions

Introducing Inventory Restrictions, the latest addition to our suite of Apps for Business Central, designed to streamline warehouse operations and enhance quality control in food manufacturing and distribution.

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The Next Level of Inventory Control

With Inventory Restrictions, you can easily restrict items from further transactions during inbound, outbound, and internal warehouse activities, ensuring full compliance with quality audit standards and minimizing the risk of errors or contamination.

Flexible Assignments

Define and assign multiple inventory restriction codes to an item/lot/serial/package, and even to the subset of a lot/serial/package of an item. 

Efficient Blocking

Block inbound, outbound, inventory movement, and item journal transactions with ease, ensuring that quality and safety requirements are met.

Group Defaulting

Assign a group of inventory restrictions codes as defaults for an item, reducing the need for manual entry and increasing efficiency



Efficiently Manage Inventory Restrictions with Our App’s Capabilities for Food Manufacturers and Distributors

Inventory Lockdown

Take control of your inventory with the Inventory Restriction app, allowing you to restrict items for a certain period or release them to normal condition at a later time.

Streamlined Worksheet

Say goodbye to complicated inventory restriction processes with the app’s brand-new worksheet, allowing you to add or remove restriction codes with ease.

Item-Level Control

With the ability to assign multiple inventory restriction codes to an item, lot, serial, or package, you can be sure that only authorized transactions are being made.

Subset Restriction

Fine-tune your inventory management by restricting subsets of a lot, serial, or package of an item, ensuring only the necessary inventory is being controlled.


Inbound and Outbound Restrictions

Easily block inbound, outbound, and inventory movement transactions with Inventory Restriction, keeping your inventory safe and secure.

Default Grouping

Simplify your inventory restriction process by defaulting a group of inventory restriction codes to an item, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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