Inventory Freshness

The Inventory Freshness app provides the functionality to meet customers’ freshness requirements and prevents the picking and shipping of products that don’t meet your production date criteria.

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Meet Requirements In Every Shipment

Our app is tightly woven into your warehouse operations, including handheld scanning applications, ensuring validation happens in real-time. Food manufacturers and distributors can benefit from our app’s functionality, avoiding returns, lost sales, or payments. 

Real-time Validation

Ensure product frshness requirements at picking and shipping with real-time validation, reducing the risk of returned products and unhappy customers.

Handheld Integration

Seamlessly integrate with handheld scanning applications to validate production date and as it’s handled, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly handle freshness requirements within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment for a smoother workflow.



Ensure product freshness and prevent losses with our seamlessly integrated app


Freshness Validation

Ensure freshness requirements with our app’s tightly woven integration into picking and shipping activities.

Workflow Overrides

Allow for exceptions to the freshness requirements through sales documents with user restrictions and workflow approvals if necessary.

Prevent Product Loss

Avoid returns, loss, or payment refusals by preventing the picking of products that don’t meet freshness requirements.

Handheld Scanning

Ensure that freshness validation happens as products are being handled with our app’s handheld scanning capabilities.

Latest Delivery Date Control

Set the latest delivery date by the number of days from production date.

Seamless Integration

As a Business Central application extension on AppSource, our app integrates with the software seamlessly and looks and feels like a native feature.

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