Backorder Management

Transform your shipping and receiving processes with the Backorder Management app, a powerful add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that solves short shipments and under-receipt challenges seamlessly.

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Master Your Order Fulfillment with FoodCloudPlus

Effortlessly manage under-receipts and short shipments, ensuring efficient handling of purchase orders and sales orders, while maintaining better control over your inventory.

Policy Flexibility

Create under-receipt and under-shipment policies to accommodate unique item, vendor, and customer requirements, enhancing your shipping and receiving process.

Inventory Control

Efficiently manage under-receipts and short shipments, establishing better control over your inventory and ensuring smooth transactions.

Customer Satisfaction

Adapt to customer agreements that allow partial shipments without creating backorders, delivering exceptional customer service and improving satisfaction.

Gain better control over your inventory, and experience the difference Backorder Management app can make in your business operations.

Customizable Under-Receipt Policies

Tailor under-receipt policies for items, vendors, or combinations, and set under-receipt tolerance percentages for purchase orders or warehouse receipts.

Adjustable Under-Shipment Quantities

Effortlessly modify under-shipment quantities on sales orders or warehouse shipments as required to optimize your shipment process.

Flexible Under-Receipt Quantities

Easily adjust under-receipt quantities on purchase orders or warehouse receipts as needed to accommodate changing circumstances.

Comprehensive Refusal Options

Refuse backorders for vendors, items, Item-vendors, or all backorders and automatically adjust quantities to enable invoice posting, ensuring smooth transactions.

Configurable Under-Shipment Policies

Establish under-shipment policies for items, customers, or combinations, and set under-shipment tolerance percentages for sales orders or warehouse shipments.

Streamline Under Shipment Agreements

Manage customer agreements that allow partial shipments without creating backorders for unfulfilled quantities, enhancing your customer service and satisfaction.

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